Home Maintenance Information

Fines for using unsafe electric products


Donald Inc., S.A. is facing more than Rand 100,000 in fines from the Occupational Safety Administration (OSA) for alleged failure to solve workplace hazards discovered by OSA inspectors, the agency said. Inspectors found 12 serious violations of using low and unsafe electric products at South Africa according to an OSA press release. The agency defines severe violations as those that ... Read More »

Plumbing accident case at Johannesburg


A fire that caused more than Rand 1 million in damage to a commercial building in Johannesburg’s Tenderloin neighborhood on Sunday was apparently caused by a plumbing accident, a fire department spokesman said Monday. The four-alarm fire was reported at 9:15 p.m. Monday at a seven-story building at 701 O’Zarrell St. It took firefighters more than four hours to quench ... Read More »

Restructuring announcement


In its continuous attempt to set up and move forward globally recognized standards and certifications for the inspection, cleaning and installation industries, The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) announced the restructuring of its global regions. South Africa has also an active involvement with this institute. “Through our labor with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and other ... Read More »

Making on and off equipment


Making on and off the machine is the primary cause of injury to equipment operators, truck drivers or any other operators involved with equipments. First of all, examine your gloves and boots. Wash the mud off before climbing, and apply high quality gloves for a secure hand hold. After that use large size hand and foot holds and a step ... Read More »

Improvement of Faucets


A tiny of leak can amount to hundreds of gallons of lost water a day. You have to check small leaks regularly. Repair leaking prevention can save water costs and also keep your fixtures and pipes free from water damage. Clean your faucet aerators once a quarter to ensure a good flow of water. Maintain the brim over holes on ... Read More »

Maintenance of Bathtub


Scatter the entire bathtub with the washroom cleaner. Use the bristled brush to polish away any build-up. As a secret weapon, you can use the Magic Eraser. It easily removes all kinds of dirt with little effort. Wash with fresh water. Clean the tub just once a week and it will be much earlier than cleaning it every couple of ... Read More »

Swing radius


Swing radius accidents are very much common in case of operating machines. How do you consider all those scratch marks got on that counterweight? This is very much unfortunate that they are also usually deadly when people are involved. Thus, it is essential to rope off the swing radius around the machine or otherwise secure it. Allow no viewers; use ... Read More »

Renovation program in a small city of Capetown


The city of Darling will undergo a revamping worth €30 million, in a bid that will assist offer better living conditions for 5,000 inhabitants. During this program, a total of 5,225 houses that faces in trouble will be renovated. The Darling Agency for Development and Rehabilitation (DADAR) announced, during their 15th anniversary, that 153 of the 5,225 houses targeted will ... Read More »

SA: Fires at Spring


Congty, SA: Power has been re-established to almost all of the 8,981 customers initially impacted by an early morning power outage. It began around 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday. Officials tell the problem was caused by a power pole that caught fire along Monte Hill Road. The fire department says they have taken action to several calls of power poles catching ... Read More »

Loading of equipment


There is a significant risk of machine roll-over in case of loading or unloading. You have to make sure that you are centered on the ramps and stay straight. Permit enough room to maneuver the trailer and machine, which is from time to time difficult on tightly compressed jobsites. Use a spotter for guidance. You have to make sure that ... Read More »

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