Fines for using unsafe electric products


Donald Inc., S.A. is facing more than Rand 100,000 in fines from the Occupational Safety Administration (OSA) for alleged failure to solve workplace hazards discovered by OSA inspectors, the agency said. Inspectors found 12 serious violations of using low and unsafe electric products at South Africa according to an OSA press release. The agency defines severe violations as those that ... Read More »

SA: Fires at Spring


Congty, SA: Power has been re-established to almost all of the 8,981 customers initially impacted by an early morning power outage. It began around 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday. Officials tell the problem was caused by a power pole that caught fire along Monte Hill Road. The fire department says they have taken action to several calls of power poles catching ... Read More »

Burn from Arc Flash


Rolty, SA: A man was wounded from an electrical explosion at Rolty Industries Inc. on Diversion Street, Johannesburg just before 11:00 a.m. Tuesday. Rural Ambulance Services reported that the man, 55, was taken with flash burn to Memorial Hospital after the explosion, which occurred at 35 Diversion St. He received burns to 40 percent of his body, mainly to his ... Read More »

A South African Company faces penalty of Rand 69770


Xola, SA: The SA Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has fined Xola company an amount of south African Rand 69,770. Xola Electricals Inc., 385 Street Road, was quoted for five “serious” safety and health violations for divulging workers to electrical, fall and noise hazards, a news release states. The agency scrutinized the business in November, 2013 after ... Read More »

Maintenance tips of Generator in severe conditions


By following these important steps, you can make certain your generator lives long and prospers Oil and Lubricate: Generators with air cooled engines burn through oil fast and if you are running the unit for a long term period, you are going to require add more. If you use the generator daily, we suggest topping off the oil when you ... Read More »

How to improve the performance of AIR-CONDITIONER?


Regular maintenance and cleaning are tremendously essential. Alter the filter monthly and check with an air-conditioning maintenance person first. An air-conditioning technician requires a high pressure vacuum to clean the drain. It should be done quarterly to avoid any support that could cause mold growth in your air conditioner and water damage to ceilings and walls. Read More »

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