Plumbing accident case at Johannesburg


A fire that caused more than Rand 1 million in damage to a commercial building in Johannesburg’s Tenderloin neighborhood on Sunday was apparently caused by a plumbing accident, a fire department spokesman said Monday. The four-alarm fire was reported at 9:15 p.m. Monday at a seven-story building at 701 O’Zarrell St. It took firefighters more than four hours to quench ... Read More »

Improvement of Faucets


A tiny of leak can amount to hundreds of gallons of lost water a day. You have to check small leaks regularly. Repair leaking prevention can save water costs and also keep your fixtures and pipes free from water damage. Clean your faucet aerators once a quarter to ensure a good flow of water. Maintain the brim over holes on ... Read More »

Test to check the leakage at Toilets


Examine your toilet for leaks at least once a quarter. An easy test involves introducing a small amount of red food coloring in the tank then verifying the toilet bowl later. Red color in the basin tells you water is leaking from the tank and you should change the talk ball. Read More »

Water Heater maintenance


First of all, read your owner’s manual to repair your water heater yourself. Before doing any maintenance job, shut off the gas and power. Exhaust about a gallon of water from the tank once every two months. It helps to remove the sediment build-up at the bottom of the heater. Examine your water heater burner infrequently and if you see ... Read More »

Safe Garbage Disposal tools


Your garbage disposal can give a longer life if you: Utilize plenty of cold water Avoid overloading it Do not dispose of things like bones, egg shells, rice etc. Read More »

Plumbing case at Capetown


Paul Samual, 32, became trapped by the neck face down after accidentally turning on a hydraulic toilet seat. Ambulance troops who carried Paul thought his neck was broken, but X-rays later on showed he had suffered only staining. Saviors were called to the property in Street Road, Capetown, on Monday after Mr Sailor’s workmates heard his screams for help. The ... Read More »

How to maintain Clogs ?


Tubs and shower drains with a filter assist grasp hold of soap chips and hair and prevent clogs. Clean the filter regularls. Keep away from rinsing cooking oils down your kitchen sink. Liquid plumps create clogs when they harden in the cold pipes. Cope with an expert if you are not able to clear the drain yourself. Read More »

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