Food Lanes


Now, most fast food hotels, restaurants and other facilities offer food lanes where patrons can place and pick up orders.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is restricting these facilities in certain parts of the country that they may face huge fines if the wastewater generated by this type of cleaning is not properly disposed of. According to the EPA, Section 31 of the Clean Water Act (CWA) limits a point source discharge of pollutants into waters of the South Africa.

Hence, this means that if the wastewater is permitted to run into the street or down a storm drain or in some way reaches an underground water body, the facility owners may be quoted.

“Not only is the drive-thru lane contaminated, often with grease, oil, and food, the chemicals used to wash the drive-thru can be very toxic,” says Mazz Mon, communications manager for cleaning equipment maker, Kaivac. “Allowing these pollutants to make sewers and waterways can show very harmful.”Usually, the EPA says doing so is the same as “putting it straightly into the water body receiving the storm drain discharge,” which can show injurious to aquatic life and vegetation, and this wastewater can probably even find its way to freshwater storage sites.

Food service facilities with drive-thrus have basically two options, according to the EPA, to stay in compliance with these regulations:

  • Permit the wastewater to fade away and not reach surrounding soil, streets, or
  • Vacuum up the process water in order to be properly disposed of using a dispense cleaning system.

“While fading may work in some areas, one of the most effective way to take away wastewater is to vacuum it up,” says Moison. “Using cleaning system that can both clean the drive-thru and then vacuum up and contain the wastewater for suitable disposal is possibly the safest and most cost-effective way to go to keep the EPA at bay.”

Kaivac is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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