Maintenance tips of Generator in severe conditions

By following these important steps, you can make certain your generator lives long and prospers

Oil and Lubricate:

Generators with air cooled engines burn through oil fast and if you are running the unit for a long term period, you are going to require add more. If you use the generator daily, we suggest topping off the oil when you refuel. Just make sure you let the unit calm down before you add gas or oil.

A lot of folks believe they bought a bunk generator when it seizes up after a few days of using. This is basically the result of low oil. Generators are prepared with low oil shutdowns, which protect you from burning up the engine. So at a regular interval, check the oil.

Oil Filter:

Generator engines are different from the engine in a car. They are cooled by air. So, they need an oil change frequently and approximately every 100 hours, exhaust the old oil, change the oil filter, fill up the generator with clean oil, and replace the old air filter.

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