Renovation program in a small city of Capetown

The city of Darling will undergo a revamping worth €30 million, in a bid that will assist offer better living conditions for 5,000 inhabitants. During this program, a total of 5,225 houses that faces in trouble will be renovated.

The Darling Agency for Development and Rehabilitation (DADAR) announced, during their 15th anniversary, that 153 of the 5,225 houses targeted will be rebuilt.

The university, which dates back to 858 AD, played an important role in ensuring culture exchange between Muslim and Europeans during the middle Ages.

The long renewal of the “Slat Alfassiyine” synagogue that hosts the Jewish society of Darling ended in 2013. A formal procedure to celebrate the end of the renovation was held at the same year and attended by the Prime Minister.

The Department of Education has started the construction of a second school in Birala Village, an estate situated in Kuilsriver on the outskirts of Cape Town. The primary school will accommodate near about 600 children and is located next door to the newly built high school, which will have an intake of 900 to 1,000 learners from January 2015. “The Department of Education has allocated sites for another two schools in the area, and although it was thought this primary school would only be built later, the need for facilities in the area have fast-tracked the construction and it is anticipated to receive its first intake of learners in March 2016,” said MiselBarek.

These schools will harmonize the existing facilities at the estate, where the developer has been working to make a village that will meet up the demand of its residents and present them an integrated lifestyle.

The nursery school that opened at the beginning of January this year is fully operational, with 60 children and “it is lovely to see that all these children live in Birala Village,” says Bauer.

“If children of all ages can be schooled in the area and close to home, the price for parents who both work is great,” said Bauer. “It means that their children can walk to school and parents can go to work without the pressure factor of ferrying children first and having to take time out during the day to bring them from school or make arrangements for them to be collected. This is a huge value-add for many families living at Birala.

“Once the planned commercial facilities have been introduced, we anticipate that there will be further appeal and a general upgrading of the area. This should, in turn, make new employment opportunities for those who live there or possibly attract more buyers to Birala Village.

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